If It’s Good Enough, It’ll Sell Itself

You’ve heard it before. “If your product is really good it should sell itself.”

I’ve read a number of blog posts on this point recently (such as this one, at Small Business Trends), and I think they’re all missing one key component. Sure, Jamillah dances around it with all his talk about marketing in the link above but when it comes right down to it, he misses the point.

The key to a product that sells itself is having a product that can tell its own story. And the key to having a product that can tell its own story is having killer copy writing.

If marketing is the act of getting that story out there, then copy writing is putting together the actual story. It’s choosing the words that will convey why someone needs and should buy your product.

And so perhaps that saying should really be, “If your copy writing is really good then your product should sell itself.”

[Photo credit: by flickr.com user lemonhalf]
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